Purpose of Accounting Practice Management Software Practice Management, a cloud application within SmartCursors Practice Management Software, assists executives to manage workflows, interfaces with clients, and automates the daily processes. This tool provides you with tools to manage work / task assignment, tracking and completion time. Tasks can be logged and assigned to the teammates with deadlines so that all team members collaborate.

It is important for an organization how this tool can effectively allow all the team members to collaborate together. This cloud system keeps everything organized in a single tool over different tasks across the business

Important Categories to Evaluate

These are the important categories in an accounting practice management software

1.Task & Project Management Tracking


3.Time & Billing



1.Task & Project Management Tracking

Workflow provides arrangements of tasks and project management tracking; once you have assigned the client's case / task to a team member, you can find these options like scheduling, invoice, recovery, milestones, and documents.

Have a look at how easy it is to:

• Assign each task to a team member
• Raise an invoice
• View and manage recovery
• Add/remove/modify the tasks required to complete this work
• View milestones
• Upload, view or download documents

2. Collaboration
This cloud-based project management system makes it easy to collaborate with the team and the clients which make things as efficient as possible.

With Practice Management, you can better manage projects and keep relationships with clients strong. From project monitoring, time tracking, invoicing to receiving money in the bank. With centralised project management software, you spend more time with clients and less time on administrative work.

3. Time & Billing
This project management software provides time and billing which is an important category to evaluate. Practice Management has timesheets which track logged time and tasks for a given period.

This tool provides multiple billing entities supporting your business's full dynamics and also provides time log entities like the selection of the week, employee name, selection of time log items, and selection of case or tasks.

4. Reporting
Workflow analytic dashboard reporting helps to improve processes so that employees can focus on more productive work. With the in-built business intelligence, you can receive real-time insights into your project, time cost and clients' profitability on dashboards and visual reports.

5. User-Friendliness
Project management software makes ease for firms to handle different projects and teams at the same time. This makes easy access to employees using multiple devices, minimalistic design with easy functionality, and smooth maintenance and support

In summary, Practice Management is used by the firms for project planning, resource management, time log, and analytics. This tool also helps firms to save time and money, reduce administrative task and focus on growing the business.

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