General Pain points for any SME or SMP:
1.Challenges in activity scheduling to employees according to their availability.
2.Capture employee in-and-out time accurately and Get reports on tasks for cost control and payroll purposes.
3.Manual Invoicing issues such as Duplications, Tracking issues, miscommunication etc.
4.Flexibility to choose specific employees to tasks as per their abilities.
5.Project delivery timelines affected due to misjudged project schedules.

Solution for these Pain points: Workflow management cursor

Workflow management is one of the Cloud-native web applications in Smartcursors that enables you to plan and manage all your engagements and manpower resources to improve business performance, profitability and client service delivery which empowers accountants, bookkeepers, advisors and consultants.

Dynamic Scheduling in Practice Management

The dynamic scheduling tool provides you powerful visibility of your available resources to optimize resource allocation. Staff can be assigned to each engagement easily via quick add, replace, replicate and copy function.
All Leads’ profile can be automatically created and captured by importing their business profile directly. All Invoicing details can be generated based on the activity per customer and can be billed with more flexibility.
Also Workflow Analytics Cursor as an add-on app allows you to manage clients, case details, invoice aging, incidentals, planned/actual contribution, planned/actual chargeability and recovery on dashboards and visual reports that you can collaborate and share with your team.