Resource management is a combination of efficient planning, Schedule and resource allocation to execute the activity in productive manner. It is centred around optimization and efficiency which is all about doing more with less which will help the success of your project, task, or monthly goals.

Common pain points in resource management

Maximum resource utilization

Overviewing your project

Communication hiccups without transparency

Wrong predictions on the foreseen results

Losing control over project/resources

Practice Management: The efficient solution to overcome these and guide you towards success.

Practice Management guides you to manage plan and resources engagement for improved business productivity,profits and timely delivery to clients.

Resource Management in Practice Management

Practice Management is cloud-native robust resource management tool which helps to optimize your available resources in order to improve business profitability and productivity by staying aligned with your project goals.

This tool has some solid resource scheduling features to monitor through the dashboard, monitor resource workload and make smarter decisions when it comes with task allocation, resource scheduling, time tracking, and approved leaves are automatically entered in the user’s time log (when Practice Management is integrated with the HR Cursor).

By using this cloud application, you can enable the multi-user feature, scheduling multiple resources at the same time. You can also enable resource forecasting on the basis of current capacity and workload.

You can get the customizable reports which helps you to measure your team’s utilization, create budget or payroll reports, and calculate KPIs like employee productivity rate or ROI.

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